im-uh-nuh nt

Apparently we should have been reading the dictionary to Lemon during our nightly reading sessions. She seems to have a different definition of the word imminent…

Although, when you’re less than two weeks away from Due Date, everything could be considered imminent…

T-Minus 5 weeks

When Joel and I found out we were pregnant, we listed all the other pregnant women we knew and their due months as a sort of pregnancy paper chain. It looked a little something like this:


Since the September baby immediately preceding ours was just born… it has become apparent that it’s our turn. It’s kind of surreal. We’re going to have a baby very very soon. I can’t wait!

Belly Series – 32 Weeks

This past week I had a couple genuine “I can’t be pregnant anymore” moments. Moments where I just wanted to lie down and cry because my belly was just too darn big and too darn heavy. But, whenever things seemed most difficult, Lemon would kick and wiggle and let me know that I’m doing it all for her. And, just like that, the moment would pass. I love this little girl, I love being pregnant, and I’ll carry her around until she’s ready to meet us.

Belly Series – 29 Weeks

In an effort to diversify the belly series I straightened my hair three, yes THREE, times today. I thought it would be nice to have my hair down this week. So, as Joel and I walked out the front door… rain. Ha. And the fro came out to play.

It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

This week marks the end of my second trimester. As I eased my way into the home stretch, I decided to really make it count. How does one ring in their third trimester?

– Go to bed at 8:30 every night.
– Cry hysterically for no reason. Okay… I’ll be honest. Not NO reason. Just a really really dumb reason. Through the snot and the sobs I think one could hear me saying, “Herbie won’t leave me alone.” Oh hormones, you win this round.
– Develop a serious case of Nesting. Wait, that was Joel. As of this weekend the Nursery has been arranged, closets have been cleaned, excess has been thrown out.

The best part of starting my third and final trimester?

– A visit from my momma.

Due Date here I come.

The Belly Series – 26 Weeks

TMI alert! You’ve been warned.

Peeing of the pants. It happened, twice. I blame Joel. Both times I was minding my own business when Joel said something funny and whoops, I lost it. That was until this week. Now, Baby Girl has placed herself in such a way that she is kicking me in the bladder constantly. I seriously pee my pants every 5 minutes. It makes for an exciting afternoon.

The End.

Baby Daddy

My Baby Daddy is quite possibly the best baby daddy in the world. He makes dinner every night. He cleans the house when I’m too tired to move. He rubs my feet. He rubs my back. He hugs me when I cry for no reason. He sings to our baby and he kisses my belly.

I can’t imagine going through this with anyone else. And, I cannot wait to see my baby daddy be a daddy to our baby.

18 weeks to go!

My Glass is Half Full.

When Joel and I found out we were pregnant, I immediately ran to (or something along those lines) and determined that I was 7 weeks preggo. I remember talking to a friend a few days later whining that 33 weeks was going to take FOREVER!!! My wise friend reassured me that the time goes by very quickly, and it wouldn’t be long before the baby was here.

“Yeah, right!” I thought. It’s already taking FOREVER!

You can then imagine the overwhelming dismay I felt when, 4 days later, Joel and I saw this at our doctor’s appointment:

Our doctor kindly explained, “Yes, this is a very early pregnancy. I’d say, 4 weeks.”

Our reaction:

What?!! How can that be? I thought 33 weeks was going to take forever. Now you’re telling me I have to wait 36?! AHHHHHHH!

Fast forward to today:

Here I sit, 20.5 weeks into my pregnancy, and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone! I’m more than half way there!

The funny thing is, now I want time to slow down. I want this to last forever.

The Belly Series – 19 Weeks

The deed has been done. The plunge has been taken. The maternity clothes have been purchased.

After a rather painful attempt to try and squeeze my new belly into a particularly tight tank top I realized it was time. A few dresses, a pair of shorts, and one pair of trousers that go all the way up to my bra later and I am feeling good. Amazing how good you can feel when your clothes fit.

If you’re curious about the bang flippage this week… my old friend humidity has arrived. Here come the curly fry bangs!

The Belly Series – 17 Weeks

A few things you never realize until you’re having a baby:

– You eat like a horse.
– Your brain stops working. Seriously. I always thought pregnant women were making excuses when they claimed “pregnancy brain” was the reason for their inability to think. Unfortunately, this is a real condition. According to my sources, growing a baby takes most of my blood, meaning my brain isn’t getting any these days. I seem to have been hit hard the past few weeks: I forget words. I can’t remember why I enter rooms. I forget my keys. I lose my train of thought mid sentence. Not that big of a deal except that I’m taking Masters classes (and trying to educate young, impressionable minds). And, really, having a functioning brain is kind of important when analyzing Medieval literature (and trying to explain Iambic Pentameter and how to write a Geometric proof). This is also my excuse for the blog being really, really lame lately. The baby is sucking up all of my brain power.
– People really like to touch your stomach…. but, come on, can you blame them?

The Belly Series 16 Weeks

There’s been a few new developments this week…

My belly button has popped. I’m no longer an innie.

A student reached out to touch the belly and luckily, my catlike reflexes are still in good working order.

Other than that, all’s well in Preggo Land.