The Secret Garden

We seriously need lessons in canning.  The garden is producing, and producing, and producing.  I hope everyone is okay with canned vegetables for Christmas gifts this year…



 Herb Garden

Bell Peppers

Shishito Peppers

Someone’s been eating my zucchini!


 And more tomatoes

And even more tomatoes

Tomatoes gone wild


And, our best seller: Kale

Hello, Summer!

In case you don’t recall, this is what our backyard looked like during the Spring of 2010.  I took one look at it and went back inside.


Joel on the other hand worked very hard turning this beast of a yard into a beautiful place for us to grow veggies  We’d finally figured out how to make our yard functional and beautiful.  However, if you look past the beautiful crops you’ll notice the still haggard back area.  The place filled with “grass” (read: weeds).


Once again another summer went by as Joel toiled in the garden and I lamented my inability to use the vacant lot to the rear.

This year Joel made the decision to make the front garden area even more spectacular than last year and I decided enough was enough.  I could no longer sit idly by while my portion of the yard remain ugly and unusable. And so, after spending many excruciating, back breaking hours searching on Craig’s List, I was able to find a guy to spend many excruciating, back breaking hours turning our abandoned lot into a grassy paradise.


It’s so gorgeous I can’t stop looking at it.

The garden.  Almost ready for planting.

A little close-up of our new grassy oasis.  Cartwheel tested, rolls in the grass approved.

Garden 2012 – Week 2

Just a quick update this week. I picked up some more supplies from home depot including 4 bags of mulch and 12 brick stepping stones. All the initial preparation is now done and I’m hoping to pick up the soil for each box this weekend.

Garden 2012 – Week 1

I’ve decided to document the garden this year and with the incredible winter we’ve been having, gardening is starting a lot sooner than expected.  I’m completely starting the garden from scratch, ripping out all of the old plants and brick, and completely leveling off the entire area.  This year I’m creating raised bed planters, using a technique called Square Foot Gardening.  With the quality of soil in Brooklyn being suspect, I decided it’s probably best to use raised planters with high quality soil.  Here’s a few pictures of the mess I’m starting with after winter:

Square Foot Gardening requires the following steps:

–  Build a 4×4 wood container using 2x6x8 pieces of untreated lumber. I decided to make 4 4×8 boxes as the idea of taking care of four raised garden boxes sounded less daunting than six.
– Attach weed cloth to the bottom of each box.
– Fill the box with a special mix of soil (1/3 blended compost, 1/3 Peat Moss, 1/3 Coarse Vermiculite).
– Create a grid on top of the box allowing for 1 square foot of space for each plant.

After a trip to Home Depot, the initial stages of creating my raised beds is underway: