My Pal, Cal

A little over three months ago, there I sat, trying to mentally prepare for the birth of our second son.  I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I’d be, but I was uncertain how I would feel tomorrow, how Wyatt would react to his new brother, how our family would change with this new addition.  The next morning Joel and I got up before the sun and walked to the hospital hand in hand.  It was cold and it was dark but we were ready to meet our son.

Fast forward a few hours of sitting and waiting and all of a sudden it was time.  I was scared and I was hopeful that Cal’s lungs would be strong, that he would be healthy, that I’d get to hold him right away.  At 9:13am Cal was born and he cried an enormous cry, peed all over the floor and was the most beautiful thing in the world.  He was big and strong and healthy and before I knew it, he was in Joel’s arms and laying by my face.  We sat like that for a long time, just the three of us, snuggling and whispering and feeling just completely full of joy.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birth story.  Calvin George, with his perfectly round face and full head of blonde hair, fit in my arms perfectly.  He was healthy and strong and nursing him for the first time felt like we’d been doing it for years.  It was strange to see this little baby in my arms and know that he was so similar to and yet so different than Wyatt, but at the same time he felt like he’d always been a part of our family.  When I’d gaze at him sleeping in my arms he looked so much like Clementine and Joel that I couldn’t help but smile and feel my heart swell.

Wyatt, to be expected had mixed feelings about his new brother.  I believe his first words were: “I don’t want it.”  But, he eagerly held his brother for the first time, hugging him and kissing him in the way only a big brother can.

It has been three months since we brought Calvin home, and I can’t even remember life without him.




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