Wyatt: Bringing Us Joy Since 2012

“I’m TWO!” said Wyatt, before holding up his hands to demonstrate this fact using his fingers (he held up all ten). When I asked him what he’d like for breakfast he said, “Birthday cake!” He ran and splashed and squealed and hugged his cousins and giggled until he couldn’t giggle anymore. He smiled when I showed him his Elmo cake, and when I asked him to pick out two candles to put on the cake, he grabbed one and immediately tried to eat it.

Tonight as I put him to bed, he turned to me, lifted my shirt, rubbed my belly, and said, “I love my baby.”

He’s the sweetest, kindest, most amazing person in the world. And, just like that, he’s a two year old.










Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.16.58 PM

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  1. He is the most amazing little boy! It looks like it was the best day. I miss that incredible little man so much. Give him an extra birthday hug for me.

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