I was looking through the blog yesterday and realized the last time I posted anything was before Christmas. It was last YEAR. What the heck have I been doing?? Oh yeah, that’s right, I’ve been in the semester from HELL. What is the semester from HELL (imagine a booming, echoing voice) you ask? Oh, it’s just this really dumb idea I had to take winter session and then 9 credits in the Spring, because, you know, I love never seeing my husband or son or getting more than a few hours of sleep at night. Here’s what happened: In January I took winter session, which was 3 credits over 3 weeks. It was awesome. I wish all of my graduate courses could be over that quickly. So, then, when it was recommended that I take 9 credits in the spring rather than the measly 6 I took in the fall, I thought, yeah, classes 3 days a week will be fine… just like winter session. Right? Wrong. Big. Fat. Terrible. Wrong. I failed to take into consideration the fact that it’s 3 classes a week for 15 excruciating weeks. And so, here I sit, on the eve of my much needed, much anticipated Spring Break, and all I want to do is cry a little bit when I realize that I’ll have another 4 weeks of hell after Spring Break. Lucky for me I have an incredibly patient husband and incredibly supportive parents and an incredibly amazing son who doesn’t lay the guilt on too thick. Although some of the time (a lot of the time) I say, “Hi Wyatt!” and he will respond “Bye bye Mommy.” Sob. And then there are the times when I say “okay buddy, I have to go to class now” and he says, “NO, mommy home! Mommy HOME!” Double sob.

So, in my busiest semester of all time, I have neglected to document all the amazing things we have done since Santa terrified the crap out of Wyatt (literally). I thought about how to best correct this terrible thing I have done as a mother (failure to document every last thing my adorable munchkin does in his life!!!) and I realized that I just can’t. Oh well. I’ll leave you with a handful of my favorite pictures from the past four months and we’ll just have to leave it at that. 11636657384_63f8843232_o




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photo 3

photo 5Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 1.21.06 PM

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